Dear Loyal fire+wine Patrons, Friends, and Family:

We would like to thank everyone for their support as we made an overnight transition from a very successful dine-in restaurant to a curbside pick-up to-go, delivery, wine & cocktail kit, business. It certainly has been a challenging few months. With that said, we cannot put into words how excited we are to reopen with outdoor tables. We are a social species and the physical / mental health benefits of face to face human interaction are well documented.

As Americans transition from “Stay at Home” to “Safer at Home” to “Protect our Neighbors,” we will also need to transition our processes as we try to get back to normal. Our goal is to remain relevant to the community years to come. In light of that, we will begin offering outdoor tables for eating starting at 4 pm on Friday, May 29th, then Saturday and Sunday starting at 2:00 pm. We plan on only opening the outdoor sidewalk for seating until Phase 4 Opening Plan is allowed. This will be a gradual process and will give us the opportunity to ensure we can successfully implement all the mandates put forth by our local government.

Below we have highlighted a few of our new practices: There are many more practices going on for all of our safety.


  • Increased frequency of sanitizing flat surfaces, bathrooms, and high touch point areas.
  • Hand sanitizer available at multiple locations for guests and team members.
  • Strict and documented opening/closing cleaning procedures


  • 6′ spacing between tables
  • Limited patrons to 6 per table
  • PPE worn by customers and team members as required by state and local authorities.
  • Reserved Seating’s Mostly Policy: We encourage reserved seating’s of any party sizes 2 to 4 people maximum by State guidelines for sidewalk spacing
  • Outdoor Host in order to promote proper distancing and no waiting inside the restaurants


  • Menu simplification to allow us to manage all methods of service (dine-in, to-go, Family Meals, Grubhub delivery, and wine & cocktail kits). This will also allow for more storage and refrigeration, better service, and better labor and inventory management. See the new menu here.
  • Beer list simplification. This will also allow us to ensure that we only serve the freshest brews. We will continue to actively rotate tap handles.
  • A friendly policy on table times limiting to 1 hour or more depending on the group size and times in order to allow for proper sanitation between seating’s and to keep on the reserved seating’s on schedule with our limited table availability.
  • Adding  outdoor seating on the west sidewalk.

In the long term, we hope to get back to the “old normal” supplemented with best practices that we have learned in regard to sanitation and safety. This would include:

  • Normal table spacing
  • Full bar service
  • Full menus

In the meantime, we ask for a little more of your patience while we create, yet another, model for our business. All we want is to be able to provide the hospitality you deserve while following the guidelines set forth by the authorities for the safety of our staff and patrons.

We certainly look forward to seeing you all…

The Fire+Wine Team…



Table & Reservation Policy
  • When reservations are full there will be table maximum time limits which will always be shared with you by our host, when you call to schedule your reservation with us. Please help us keep our commitments to all our patrons by honoring our agreed-upon time frames.
  • Face coverings must be worn upon arrival and any time you are away from your table.
Cancellation Policy

We will call all parties the day of to confirm their reservation, if you need to
cancel your reservation, please call and leave a message and we will refill your spot. All tables
will be held for 10 minutes past reservation time, if you have not arrived at this time they will
be released to be seated.

Rain Policy

On the chance that it might rain or is raining we will call you to inform
you that our patio is closed/closing for the evening. This is a day by day situation that we will
be constantly monitoring. Thank you in advance for your patience. If in the case of a cancelled
reservation, you will need to call again and reschedule for a different day.

Bathroom Policy

In the case of a customer needing to use our restroom. You will be
required (state and local guidelines) to answer a short questionnaire, followed by a
temperature check. After that, you will be required to wear a mask while in the building and
instructed to walk behind the bar (follow the arrows) and into the bathrooms. 3 people max
allowed in bathroom at once, 2 occupying, 1 waiting.