Priority Wait List

What Is a “Call Ahead Priority Wait List”?f+w

As a courtesy, we take names, days or weeks in advance on our Call Ahead Priority Wait List. While this is not a reservation, it can reduce your wait time by more than 50% over groups walking in at the same time as you, who are not on the list. Our Priority Wait List does fill up. Please call as far in advance as possible. 

Unfortunately, due to many of our customers enjoying their time at fire + wine, we can only estimate when your table will be ready if there is a wait.
**Please be aware that other groups are being booked after you**

***Groups staying longer than the anticipated times will affect seating for other groups waiting***


We base our quotes for waiting on the following estimates:
  • Tables of 2 to 4 people should turn in 75 min – 90 min.
  • Tables of 5 to 6 people should turn in 90 min – 2 hours.
  • Any group larger than 6 people we estimate no less than 90 minutes with a maximum of 2 hours.
Incomplete Parties: Approaching peak hours, we will only seat groups that are complete. If your group is not complete, we will sit the group after you. Once your group is complete, we will give you priority for the next available tables.
We Do Not Hold Tables. We seat in order of arrival, giving the “Call Ahead Priority Wait List,” priority. Larger groups of 6 or more are planned for accordingly. Once our seats are full, we are dependent upon tables becoming available, based on our anticipated table turn times.

We DO take reserved seatings on the following days: New Year’s Eve, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day.