December 2016

To our customers,

This is our 5th Holiday letter and it’s a fun letter to write to everyone during this special time of year. Our official first day of sales was May 9th, 2012 and we are coming up on our 5 year anniversary very quick. What a great ride it has been! We all want the holiday season to be special, we reflect back and think about everything that went on during the year both personally and professionally and before you know it, our busy-ness takes over and we miss the importance of this time of year. Whatever our faith is…this time of year to all of us, is a time to be thankful. It’s a time to celebrate with family, friends, co-workers and sometimes even strangers. It’s a time of peace, a time of sharing and giving. It’s a time of Hope for the New Year and what’s to come. It’s a time to look back to those that we lost, to those that are sick and cherish the beauty they brought in our lives, a time to cherish the new little lives coming into our world. It’s a time to be grateful for all we have and not to worry about what we don’t have. Fire+wine has thrived as a business, not without some pain, hard work, dedication, commitment and a pure desire to be the best we can be through an intense passion for what we do. We are so very proud of our staff that come to work with us day after day and serve our customers with excitement and enthusiasm and so this holiday season is a time for us to look at each other with pride and appreciation for one and other, a time for us to celebrate this beautiful time of year with each other in our work place and with our customers, with our families and friends.

We thank you all and we thank your families for supporting us all year long and how many of you have made us feel special with kind gestures and words. We hope for only the best for you and your families during this beautiful time of year and always.

This holiday season…we wish for you all much Love and Laughter with your families and friends and Peace and Good Health in 2017.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah…May the New Year bring you all you hope for!

Cheers…Michael & Anthony