Lots of changes happening at fire + wine over the last couple months. More to follow over the next few! One of the biggest changes in the past couple months, and moments of evolution for us, was our co-owner, Chef Brian, realizing a long time dream of his, through his new venture Gia Mia Pizza Bar, soon to open in Wheaton. We’re very excited for Chef Brian! We’re equally excited that fire + wine has been such a wonderful launching pad for all of us. Through commitment and a love of great food, great beverage, service and people, we’ve experienced much success. This success is a culmination of years of experience, and the right application at the right time. Chef Brian will continue to oversee the fire + wine kitchen with the help of our new Chef, John Heenie. We’re grateful to have found a creative, innovative Chef to help steer the ship! We definitely feel as if we have found that through Chef John. He has an incredible history of working with Top Chefs in restaurants like Bones; a world class steak house and La Sorella; a part of the Francesca Restaurant group, among other hot spots. In John’s words:

“I’ve been fortunate enough to cook with legends. You start learning the little things they do and as long as you keep an open mind and listen well; this process fosters the learning, passion and creativity that Chefs bring to the table. I’d classify my style of cooking as “rustic.” Working with Francesca’s really honed this; and it’s a very similar style to what we do at fire + wine; everything made to order, working with local, fresh ingredients, classic reductions and emulsions, and creating simple, rustic plates with a refined presentation.”

We are excited to add Chef John’s flair to the fire + wine fold. We are also grateful to be a part of something that we love, which others share a love of. Fire + wine is a home away from home for us and our patrons. Keep a lookout for items debuting on the Chef’s Playground over the next couple of months as we ramp up for our 2015 Spring Menu.

To evolution ~ Onward and Upward!
– The fire + wine Team