Sooooo……this is my very wonderful friend Jim….Big Jim….Jim got sick in early May and lived only 6 months…..during those 6 months I spent almost each and every day with him and his family.  We spent countless days and nights at Central DuPage Hospital.

One of the memorable parts was watching the build of the RMHC from literally ground up.  We watched the building be built from a pile of dirt to a beautiful rustic Frank Lloyd Wright looking sanctuary.

Jim was certain that his sickness was a simple fix….he thought he would have treatment and move along back into his routine…never did he ever anticipate how sick he truly was. At the same time he was the most kind and compassionate patient any nurse would ever come into contact with.  When nurses would come into tend to him he would always stop them and ask how they were? How was their day? and he would get to know them…

I remember the first time we were at the cancer center getting ready to start prepping for future radiation, the nurse came in to speak with us about what would be happening….it was all like a foreign language to all of us…..we were getting educated…anyway when she explained, she told us that she herself was going through treatment for breast cancer….

At that very moment Jim stopped her in her tracks….took her by the hand and asked if he could pray for her…Jim, Heidi his wife, me and that nurse sat together in that room as Jim prayed for this nurse….total stranger to each of us….he prayed asking for the drs to have wisdom to help her through this awful disease….prayed that she would have peace and comfort along her journey……. I can tell you that this nurse was blown away and was brought to tears……she came to take care of us, but Jim helped to reach out to her…..

That is just a tiny glimpse into Jim and who he was……Incredible man
He also decided that when he beat cancer he was going to come and talk to others that were facing the same medical issues to help them find comfort.  He was just that kind of guy.
So this home that is meant to help families going thru devastating times with their little babies…..a safe haven that is in a beautiful setting away from your typical sterile hospital plain cold room.  Although I need to say that staying at Central DuPage Hospital is almost as good as a stay at the Trump Towers…state of the art rooms with very comfy beds for the families as well as the patients.

Anyway, I feel that it is soooo important to help pay it forward in any way possible…..when the Ronald McDonald House came to us for a one-time donation, Michael decided to go one further and contribute on more of an ongoing basis.  I know medical bills can pile up so we decided it was more beneficial for RMHC to send us a family each month to treat to a dinner on us. It’s a moment to escape hospital visits and treatments and feel normal, just for a small moment of their life at this point. A change of scenery…. This is how we can help, how we can contribute.

There are also tons of ways our surrounding communities can give back….donations for books, crafts, movies and games while the families stay at RMHC for days on end. There are also opportunities to come and cook meals and bake cookies…. every piece of time and kindness goes a long way.

At the end of my days I reflect and ask myself….did I make a difference today? I always try to make time to pay it forward in some way….big or small….maybe bake goodies for my kitchen guys in the morning…..send a note to a friend for no reason, just to let them know they are thought about and loved….did I make someone know how important they are to me?  I would tell my kids when they were younger each day before bed….tell me 3 things that helped make today a good day….. Life is short……Love deep, be kind, make an effort to help make a difference…..and find the good.
– Written by Sandy Georganas on her time with a dear friend, Jim
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